Thomas M. Micheline

120 Lamplighter Drive

Marco Island, Florida 34145    239-293-1376

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Programmer and architect with 20 years of experience developing solid, extensible, and maintainable solutions to meet diverse business needs.


Development:   Object-oriented design, dynamic web application development, database schema design.


Programming:   Java, SQL, J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JPA, Faces) , Hibernate, Web Services (JAX-WS, SOAP), Portlets, Java APIs for XML, JavaScript (including Ext JS), Ruby/Rails, Groovy/Grails, JBoss and JBoss Portal, WebWorks/Struts2, C/C++, PHP, Perl


Databases:                   Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2


Tools:                Ant, maven, make, CVS, Subversion, git, UNIX command line utilities


Environments: UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Xen Hypervisor, Cloud Computing (AWS), Windows





Moebius Solutions – San Diego, CA


á     As a member of a scrum team, built an XML-DB backed, Intranet portal site for the US Marine Corp 1st Marine Expeditionary Force using Ext-JS on the front end and Jersey-based web services on the backend.



Global Crossing – Rochester, New York


á     Designed and built BGP prefix filter maintenance application that polls the Routing Assets Database (RADb), summarizes the results, and identifies changes in customer route lists.  All changes are queued in an Oracle database until the relevant routers can be updated using a custom built expect script.  Sending only deltas on each update minimizes changes to router configuration.  System includes a web-based front-end tool including a dashboard and highly detailed historical analysis using JRuby with Rails and ExtJS.

á     Built a Java Swing based desktop application that provides more convenient access to in house project/time-tracking web application for the purposes of recording time spent on individual projects.  Backends to existing web application.

á     Built alarm-monitoring system for ATM/FrameRelay customers, which polled a third-party database for new SNMP alarms and sent out notifications to customers based upon configurations pulled from other corporate resources.

á     Designed and developed GlobalView, a database of the hardware and circuit information for world-wide network leveraged by a variety of internal support and automation systems.   Populated via custom ETL utility drawing from a variety of sources including router configurations and SNMP polling data.



Mitchell International -- San Diego, California


Designed and implemented Quality Recycled Parts (QRP) server-side system including high-performance Oracle-backed database for storing and distributing automotive used part data supplied by the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) to clients connecting via dial-in TCP/IP connection.



RTD Systems and Networking, Inc., Tucson, Arizona


á     Chief software architect for all in-house and commercial software products.

á     Brought leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) account maintenance and billing software (UTAª and NetReporterª) to market.  Designed and developed highly configurable systems for managing dissimilar account types, tracking on-line time for billing and generating custom reports and invoices.

á     Lead other developers in design and implementation of credit card billing system (Automated Credit Expressª), which integrated with UTA.

á     Built high-performance, multi-threaded, multi-protocol proxy that utilizes Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) for user authentication.


Senior Systems Software Specialist, 1993-1995

Sunquest Information Systems, Tucson, Arizona


á     Ported system support utilities and scripts for hospital lab system to early release of Digital OSF/1 and brought first OSF/1 client site on-line.

á     Debugged and resolved long standing tty I/O problems for application level printing to network printers. 

á     Designed and built automated system for software update delivery and data collection to multiple machines connected via dial-in modem utilizing Kermit and expect.


PROGRAMMER, 1991-1993

University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona


     Designed and developed electron spectrometer instrument control and data acquisition software for the Surface Analysis Laboratory of the Chemistry department to replace aging PDP-11 based control system with PC based system.




o      University of Arizona - Tucson, Arizona.

o      NOVA Southeastern University - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

o      Western GovernorsÕ University - Salt Lake City, Utah.



o      Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer (SCJP)

o      CIW Web Development Professional

o      CIW v5 Database Design Specialist

o      CIW JavaScript Specialist

o      CIW Perl Specialist

o      CIW Web Design Specialist


Military Experience

o      Completed Machinist Mate "A" School.

o      Completed Nuclear Power School at the Naval Training Center Orlando, Florida.